We made you a list of the questions that’s been asked us frequently and their answers.

What is ecording?

ecording is a technology-driven and nature-driven social enterprise that develops environmental technologies and environmentally-conscious consumption models aiming to raise environmental awareness in individuals and in companies.

Why is ecording established and what are the goals of the company?

We are aware of the fact that we have to act immediately to stop climate change and the effects of climate change. With the same consciousness, we believe that the solution to this global solution is only possible when every individual and company act environmentally conscious. In this direction, we are established with the aim of developing environmental technologies for individuals and companies to fight against climate change.

Is ecording a company or an NGO?

ecording is a social enterprise. It means, a startup that aims to solve an environmental or a social problem, aims to earn profit and use that profit to make an impact in the world.

What are the fields of activity of ecording?

ecording is carrying out works on UAV and mobile software development at the present time. In the long term, ecording aims to develop technology-driven and nature-driven products and services in different sectors and greater the influence sphere and enlarge the fields of activities.

What is ecoDrone?

ecoDrone is a UAV that is developed by ecording specifically for afforestation and ecoDrone carries out afforestation works in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested by aerial seeding.

What is a seed ball?

Seed balls are soil balls which include clay, minerals, forest soil, seed, and various mixes. Seed ball technique is a traditional afforestation technique applied in countries such as Japan, South Africa, and Thailand. Seed ball R&D processes are started in Turkey by ecording and conducted in partnership with Directorate General of Forestry in Turkey, Artvin Coruh University, and the Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute.

Why ecording carry out afforestation works with seed balls?

By turning seeds into seed balls it is targeted to reach the optimum atmosphere of seed germination with minimum cost and prevent seeds from animals eating seeds as food, also preventing seeds from conditions such as extremely cold air, extremely hot air, and wind.

What is the germination probability of seed balls?

There are lots of different factors in seed germination, a seed turning into a tree. Until today we researched in 5 fields and 4 different species. To increase the seed germination rate of the seeds we throw, we initially choose the species that we have in our country and which can grow in the depth near the soil surface. Compared to traditional methods that have a 0.1% seed germination rate, thanks to our R&D process we increased the seed germination with a minimum average of 9% and a maximum average of 62%.

Observations after the aerial seeding operation are conducted by who and how?

There are fertility goals of each area that needs to be afforested by the Turkish Ministry of Forestry. These observations are done by the Turkish Ministry of Forestry in 6 months of periods. Both Ministry of Forestry and our team do the observations and data are updated after the observations. As may be required, complementation shoots are done by ecoDrone in that area.

How does ecording generate an income?

ecording generates an income by partnerships with corporate brands and B2B sales.

How does ecording work with companies?

ecording turns every product or service which has been sold, each bill that’s been paid, into a seed ball that will be thrown with ecoDrone by cooperating with corporate companies. For example, when you see the ecoDrone symbol on a product that you bought you understand that, for that product, a seed ball has been thrown with ecoDrone. Moreover, when the consumers scan the QR code on the label or the bill they can get all the information about where is their tree, when and how the aerial seeding operation of their tree has been done, and also the photographs of their trees that we keep up-to-date regularly. We are working for people to see and be aware of their effect on nature as individuals and as companies.

What are ecording’s short and long term missions?

Our short term missions; partnerships with companies and institutions from every sector and create an R&D fund, and develop an afforestation model for the world’s afforestation independent of institutions, associations, foundations, with that R&D fund. With our 1 billion seed balls thrown with ecoDrone in 10 years mission, we aim to reduce the world’s and Turkey’s CO2 emissions and in the long run known as the responsible company for environmental awareness and environmental technologies in Turkey and in the world.

What is the #1follower1tree campaign?

Since the year 2018, we are successfully running our corporate social responsibility campaign #1takipçi1ağaç (1 tree for each follower we have). Within this campaign, we throw a seed ball to hard-to-reach that needs to be afforested with our ecoDrone for each social media follower we have. Going by the principle fo transparency of ecording, these works are published regularly on ecording’s social media accounts. More than 70.000 seed balls are thrown within this campaign.

What is ecordingApp and when will it be published?

ecordingApp is a mobile application that rewards the user with discounts and gifts from our partnered companies when the user completes the environmental-friendly tasks and proves it to us with control mechanisms in the application. The aforesaid app will be published in the second quarter of 2020.

How those seed balls are produced?

One of the most affected by climate change is the people who are living in rural areas. Whom mainstay is agriculture and livestock farming, are facing huge challenges such as income inequality because their jobs are directly affected by climate change. We develop special materials for seed ball production and we teach those women how to use those materials who live nearby to the areas that we will make the aerial seeding operation. Then our teammates, meaning the women we work with who are affected directly and facing income inequality produce seed balls with those materials. After we buy those seed balls that’s been produced by those women, we throw those seed balls with ecoDrone to the fields. That way, we create solutions to income inequalities of women and climate change directly and simultaneously.

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