What if you knew that each product or service you buy, could turn into a tree?

Meet ecoDrone

What is ecoDrone?

ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by ecording. ecoDrone is a UAV that supports afforestation works in the world with a technological line of vision by carrying out aerial seeding operations in hard-to-reach areas and throwing seed balls to the ground.


Our hope is hidden in nature.

One of the million meanings that hope contains within itself is the reborn of nature. The process that starts with believing it, will continue to keep the faith and become more meaningful by more and more seed balls and their germination.

Rebuild Nature In Every Operation

While carrying out afforestation works with ecoDrone, we select the typical climate etc.of the operation area and the seeds of the aforesaid area as the baselines and carry on our work with the focus on those topics.

We are here to carry your conscience to nature.

We are dedicated to carrying humankind’s conscience to nature always and under all conditions. We developed ecoDrone in accordance with this purpose. Each ecoDrone is able to throw 2500 seed balls in 15 minutes aerial seeding operation and can afforest the 2-hectare area in 15 minutes of aerial seeding operation. In favor of these features, it enables us to afforest with 12 times less afforestation cost as against conventional afforestation works.

What is a seed ball?

Seed balls are soil balls which include clay, minerals, forest soil, seed, and various mixes. Seed ball technique is a traditional afforestation technique applied in countries such as Japan, South Africa, and Thailand. Seed ball R&D processes are started in Turkey by ecording and conducted in partnership with Directorate General of Forestry in Turkey, Artvin Coruh University, and the Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute. 

Water Retaining Materials


Clay, Mineral, Forest Soil and Special Mixture

Why Throwing Seed Balls?

By turning seeds into seed balls it is targeted to reach the optimum atmosphere of seed germination with minimum cost and prevent seeds from animals eating seeds as food, also preventing seeds from conditions such as extremely cold air, extremely hot air, and wind.

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