We started our journey to fight against climate change.

We are aware of the fact that we don’t have even a second to lose anymore.

Who Are We

ecording is started as a project that aims to raise environmental awareness in individuals. It is a social enterprise that aims to globalize the impact and the sphere of influence via the technologies that have been developed by ecording. The initiative will continue to enlarge the sphere of influence with the support of individuals and companies and aims to be counted as responsible for environmental consciousness and environment technologies.

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.

- Cree Indian Proverb

Why ecording?

Climate Is In Crisis!

We face challenges because of climate change with all kinds of parameters, in all kinds of fields and with all kinds of the negative impact that comes as a result. This global emergency has caused tremendous and frightening effects to our planet and all ecosystems and now it is against us with the threat of destroying everything we have and even us, humankind. 

What About Science?

In these times in which we are at the point of no return, we face challenges globally because of our consumption frenzy. According to IPCC’s report, the world’s temperature is going to be 1.5 °C by 2030 and we don’t have the chance to prevent this from happening. But if we take action today, we can hold the aforesaid rising temperature at 1.5 °C.  

Our Priorities


In this period of time in which we cannot run away from technology, we aim to reverse the harm we did to nature by developing environment technologies. In this direction, we concentrated on developing environment-friendly consumption models parallel with technology. 

Nature conscious

As humankind, we consumed planet earth’s resources until today and we still do so. As a result of this process, our world is giving us a global alarm for us to wake up and do something. As ecording, we are aware of the fact and we aim to act nature compatibly in every step of our lives.  


We develop technological innovations and aim to popularise them in our daily lives. We know and dream of preparing a substructure and it is only when we act together. As long as the environment is the foundation of our daily life with our innovative technologies, we aim to create an innovative approach to environmental consciousness and an innovative and environment focused global world as follows.


We are living those kinds of days in which the changing humankind and the changing and evolving nature as follows are important threats for our future. As ecording, we focused on a sustainable and environment-friendly model that our humankind and most importantly our future can live with. We are dedicated to being a pioneer in sustainable technology.  

Our Mission Is To Start Green Transformation Worldwide!

We reduce carbon footprint of companies from every sector.

We ensure companies’ green transformation.

We ensure companies on doing green marketing and encourage them on that.

We help companies on establishing a special bond with customers.

We give countenance to environmentally-conscious consumption.

We work towards raising environmentally consciousness and awareness.

We create an opportunity to fight against climate change directly through the technologies that are developed by us.

We create an opportunity to measure and enhance the environmental impact level.

For companies

For individuals     

The Story Of ecording

   One of Edward Lorenz's work The Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect explains that small changes in initial data can result in big and unpredictable outcomes. This phenomenon applies to each positive or negative impact and situation.


     Abovesaid effect grows just like the circles in the water that a rock that's been thrown creates. We, as a brand and community consist of young individuals who are nature lovers and willing to do the best they can do for the environment. In 2017, we started as the innermost circle of the example mentioned earlier. We realized that our time came to pay the environment back. By knowing that we need to start from ourselves to change the world and be the change we want to see in the world, we decided to search for a solution to environmental problems.

We develop technology for nature-driven and environmentally conscious consumption models.

ecording carries out all its work in accordance with the “Sustainable Development Goals” determined by the United Nations.

Our Achievements

 ecording has been selected among 10.400 startups for TOP 20 in Big Bang Start-Up Challenge 2019 Finals that's been organized by ITU ARI Teknokent and became the 5. in the competition by been awarded a total of 335.000 TL award from 6 different companies in the biggest and the most prestigious startup competition in Turkey.

 ecording has been selected among 160 social enterprises for the "imece 3.Destek Programı" and awarded with a 60.000 TL grant and a training program.

ecording became one of 5 startups being selected for the HSBC Sustainable Growth Program among 130 startups from 23 countries and awarded with 25.000 TL grant, an office, and a training program.

ecording is selected as 24.most successful startup in Turkey out of 100 most successful companies in Turkey in "Corporate & Startup Day" by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, Istanbul Development Agency, Startup100, and Ozyegin University.

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